Device Providers "Learn More"

Under the DEQ Too Program, there are 2 Types of Telematics Devices:

  1. Continuously Connected vehicle telematics device (“C-type” device). This device is one that is continuously connected, 24/7 to one vehicle. These C-type devices are either built-in to the vehicle's system during auto manufacturing or plugged-in after-market.

The C-type device has a primary objective other than transmitting OBD data to DEQ. Examples of after-market C-type devices include use by auto fleets to optimize driving routes and maintenance schedules and by usage-based auto insurance programs to help motorists achieve lower premiums. Key purposes of built-in, C-type devices are roadside assistance, stolen vehicle assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, hands-free calling, etc. Regardless of their primary purpose, these continuously connected devices can also capture OBD data and so they can be used for DEQ too.

The C-Type telematics device provider could charge their customers a fee for the additional feature of transmitting data to DEQ, or the feature may be free of charge. That's entirely up to the device provider.

  1. Shared telematics device (“S-type” device). A S-type is an after-market plug-in device that can be shared for use by multiple vehicles; one vehicle at a time.

The objective of the S-type device is for use with multiple vehicles to transmit a snapshot of each vehicle's OBD data to DEQ. These would be used by the motoring public at device-borrowing locations (“Host” businesses). They would also be used by auto dealerships and fleets companies.

The S-Type telematics device provider would sell or lease their devices to Hosts, Auto Dealerships or Fleets.

If you are interested in becoming a DEQ Too Business Participant as a Telematics Device Provider, please send an email to with your name, business name and phone number.