Device-Use Business

A Device-Use Business (aka device "Host") allows their device to be used by their customers. The Host owns or operates a business that has a DEQ Too- approved telematics device that is used on location voluntarily by a motorist or by the Host on behalf of the volunteering motorist.

The Host could charge a fee for the use of the device, or the use could be free of charge. That's entirely up to the Host. The objective is to allow transmission of onboard diagnostics (OBD) data to DEQ from the business location. The motoring public would later check their results online on this website. While your customer is at your business taking care of their other needs, they can take care of their DEQ too.

Hosting the telematics device is in addition to the businesses' primary product/service. Examples of possible device-borrowing locations include, but are not limited to: gas station, auto service, repair, parts and car washing companies.

As telematics device providers consider enrolling in DEQ Too, they will be contacting prospective Hosts about this program and their specific plan/device. In the mean time, if you are interested in becoming a DEQ Too business participant as a Host, please send an email with your name, business name and phone number.